33-year-old teacher from ethnic school

This training is 100% original and pioneering in Laos. I am so happy to have learnt all these new ideas and to have worked as a team. I’m not shy about this subject anymore and now I can teach my students. The information will also be useful in my personal life.

Before this training, I had never talked about periods before with anybody. Now I know it is normal and happens to every woman. I was able to meet teachers from other schools, work together with them on teaching practice, and share new knowledge. Now I know how to solve problems like period pain and moods, not only for my students, but also for myself. Thank-you.

23-year-old from Nong Kiaw. 

I felt very scared to come to this workshop. I was uncomfortable about the subject and thought it would be impolite, even disreputable. Afterwards, it made me like everything about being a woman. I found out that I was normal, that periods are normal. I didn’t even know that vaginal discharge every month happened to every woman, or know anything about hygiene. I liked the way that we could all join in, I enjoyed the team work and that we could ask the trainer anything. Now I feel very comfortable and I will be happy to teach girls about growing up.

24-year-old doctor

I was excited and honoured to join this workshop. I got new knowledge and new experiences working as a team. This is good to learn how to give lessons to pre-teens. I liked sewing the cloth pad and learning about new kinds of menstrual products from different countries. The trainer was very good and explained things well. It was different from how we normally learn in Laos. I loved all of the workshop. Now I feel comfortable about explaining periods to others – with new ideas about how to do this.


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