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Laos Solidarity is the English web page for “Eau Laos Solidarité”, a non-profit registered in 2010 at the Prefecture of Indre et Loire, France, under “association W372010460”. This allows French taxpayers to receive tax reductions on donations.

We work in Laos through the Community Outreach Programme of the Luang Prabang Library and all projects are in partnership, and with their guidelines. Our actions in Laos take place during the dry season, between October and March. As we work with schools, this fits in with the school terms. The heavy rains starting in May or June, mean that access to many of our projects is just not possible.

Our board consists of a president, treasurer, and secretary. We have members in France and other countries, as well as permanent and occasional donors, who contribute financially to our projects. Other finances come from fundraising in France and Laos, international donations via Facebook or our webpage, international awards and regional French government grants. Our projects are entirely funded through these resources. Projects and finances are approved by members each year at our Annual General Meeting.


We fund and distribute hygiene books, soap, personal items and reusable menstrual pads to rural schools and communities in Northern Laos.


We train teachers & leaders to hold well-being workshops, and create teaching tools in the Lao language, to ensure this knowledge is sustained in Northern Laos.


We create hygiene books in the Lao language. Our books include, “We love a clean school”, “I am a teenager” for teen girls, and our soon to be published puberty book for boys.


In collaboration with the Luang Prabang Library we support the Pakseng Community Learning Centre and their Rural Knowledge Team.

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We rely solely on your generosity. 100% of money donated directly impacts northern Laos communities and assists in improving children, teenagers and women’s hygiene and well-being through education, books and community participation.

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