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Project Description


Luang Prabang Library runs several community centres through its Community Outreach Programme. Laos Solidarity fully supports trained staff and activities at Pakzeng Learning Centre, 3 hours from Luang Prabang. In an area where extracurricular activities are lacking, the Community Learning Centre is a cultural hub in the centre of the village. It provides

  • A library for both adults and children, with book-borrowing, storytelling and reading
  • Activities that develop children’s mental and motor skills
  • Activities for social skills, confidence, and interaction
  • Cultural events, such as Lao song and dance
  • Community workshops on hygiene, nutrition, reproductive health
  • English conversation

The Community Learning Centre is also the base for the Rural Knowledge Team and regular training sessions. We need funds to pay basic amenities like electricity, water, wages, and rent. We regularly replace educational supplies, games and books for the kids and adults who use the Community Learning Centre to increase their quality of life.

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