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Project Description

Girls’ Teen Project

In a country where lack of knowledge and old-style beliefs mean that many teenagers are mothers by the age of 15, understanding puberty and Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) is vital. Through teacher training, free workshops and community support, we help girls, teachers, and communities understand that what is happening is normal. They learn how to manage menstruation at school, at home, or while working in the fields. Through education we:

  1. Fulfil the basic human right of girls and women to understand and manage their own body and health
  2. Improve their physical, social, and mental wellbeing
  3. Encourage the use and production of washable menstrual pads
  4. Discourage teen pregnancy
  5. Circulate accurate facts about menstruation and hygiene in rural communities
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Villages a year
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Donate Now

Each year we train, evaluate and up-skill new educators in Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

Please donate if you can. Every donation will help us to:

  • Train, evaluate and support a district of school teachers per year
  • Visit each teacher in their respective schools to evaluate lessons
  • Distribute books and hygiene supplies to 1000 girls a year aged 10 – 16
  • Hold revision workshops and provide books and hygiene bags to all first-year girls in the respective secondary schools

Your donation will go directly towards:

  • Ensuring this powerful and empowering work continues to allow Laos teen girls and women the dignity and well-being
  • US$ 1500 pays the salary of a rural puberty educator for 1 year.
  • US$ 100 pays for a day of transport in a 4×4 over rugged dirt roads to rural schools.
  • US$ 1000 will enable us to turn the experience of puberty into one of enjoyment for 100 girls by providing;
    • an intensive workshop given by trained teachers
    • an everlasting book to take home and share with parents and siblings and use as a reference book, thereby ending damaging myths about menstruation
    • a “Welcome Teenager” bag, containing soap, underwear and a pack of washable and reusable pads made from an innovative, quick-drying material that enables her to manage her personal hygiene.

Any amount you can spare will change the lives of rural teenage girls and improve women’s wellness across this beautiful country and keep true sustained cultural change occurring.

“We’re focused on providing continued education and a future for girls living on less than $1 per day in a nation where 1 out of 10 girls are mothers before the age of 15” Sally Piper Pillitteri – Founder and President

Support Laos Today

It takes very little to make an enormous change to lives. Donate now and start making a difference today.


We rely solely on your generosity. 100% of money donated directly impacts northern Laos communities and assists in improving children, teenagers and women’s hygiene and well-being through education, books and community participation.

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